Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I wrote this short film for Steve Evangelatos to direct. He did a great job with it.

This played in the Spike And Mike Sick And Twisted Festival. I went to see it on a night when there was maybe eight people in the audience.

The frat boys sitting behind me didn't get it.

Screw them. 

The short was on ifilm, an early precursor to youtube that I think made the mistake of trying to charge people. We were number one on the site for something like fifteen weeks, and they wouldn't even send me a free t-shirt.

I'm glad their website failed.

My Pal, Satan - Episode 6

"Making Out Is Hard To Do"

In this episode, Satan went all out to try and get Donna to sleep with him. All out.

This episode reminds me of a Tex Avery cartoon. A lot of black out gags based on a singular premise.

The ending was weird. Not sure if people really got the joke.

Or maybe they did.

My Pal, Satan - Episode 5

"Possession Is 9/10ths Of The Fun"

This was the second Baxter story, and I literally almost vomited on set during production.

Press play to find out why.

My Pal, Satan - Episode 4

"Miss Popular"

This episode introduced Penny, Donna's neighbor, and Baxter, the nebbish love of Donna's life. And then all Hell breaks loose.

Since the purpose of the webisodes was to try and garner broadcaster interest in the idea as a regular TV series, this episode was intended to introduce the other characters that would have rounded out Donna and Satan's world. 

I think I should have made Penny even more Goth. Here she's kind of rocker-ish.

My Pal Satan - Episode 3

"Cheaters Never Perspire"

I loved the idea of Satan going to any lengths to cheat, and I love where it goes, but I've always felt that the episode was hampered by the fact that we had to make up a board game.

Although as far as fake games go, I'd play one called "Loan Shark."

MY PAL SATAN - Episode 2

"Slaughterhouse and Home" featured the character of Slave, a condemned soul Satan uses to take care of his side of the chores.

"Donna never laughs at my sodomy jokes" is a tip of the hat to the old coffee commercials where "Jim would never have a second cup of coffee at home."

My Pal Satan - Episode 1

This is the first episode from MY PAL, SATAN, the web series I created and show ran through the Canadian Film Centre's Pilot Programme. 

In this episode, Donna finds out Satan used her diary for toilet paper. She was not amused. 

Fun fact: there's an actual (fake) nipple on the book at the end. The art director wouldn't let it out of her sight for fear that someone would steal the prop.